So I’ve finally made peace with turning 27. It’s taken a while but I’ve finally, albeit reluctantly, embraced this peculiar year which edges me closer to my late twenties. Rather than talk about all that I have learned over the last year, a family friend gave me the idea to look at 27 with a different perspective.

‘Why not mention everything you’re looking forward to this year,’ he said. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Read on and enjoy.

  • Exploring the open road – even though I often shout at my sat-nav for taking me through unfamiliar routes.
    Turning 27
  • The weddings. Slowly but surely, childhood friends are starting to settle down and even though this prompts a billion questions about when I’M getting married, that doesn’t stop me enjoying the moment and seeing them step into this new chapter in their lives
  • I know a lot of people say this, but I really love travelling. Over the last year I’ve really appreciated the relaxation, clarity and life-affirming experiences I’ve been blessed with on my travels and cannot wait to explore more of this wonderful world with people I adore.

Turning 27

  • Not everyone can say they love their work, but I definitely can. It makes those 6am alarms totally worth it.
  • I’m going to do more of what I love and one of those things is brunching. Yes, it’s very SATC and I’m well aware I am far from Sarah Jessica Parker, but who doesn’t like breakfast at 11am in a swanky setting?!
  • Nurturing my blog – In recent months I’ve deviated away from consistently writing because of other commitments getting in the way. I’m hoping to change that and give people who have taken the time to subscribe content to read, revel in and reflect on.
    Turning 27
  • Finding out more about us – My grandma is the only surviving grandparent I have and as you get older I think you come to realise just how precious they are. Not just because they get cuter as they age, but also because they’re bursting with information about family history and life in their younger days. This kind of insight is something you simply won’t get anywhere else.
  • My Mum is the ultimate chef. Everything she cooks tastes delicious. I don’t know what her secret is, but I’m sure I’ll find out while broadening my culinary skills.
  • Reconnecting with family. I hate letting loads of time fly by without spending some time with the familia. It’s even harder when you’re separated by oceans.
  • Networking – I was massively nervous when it came to networking. Thoughts that would go through my head included ‘How do I start a conversation’ and ‘Will people think I’m lame for just approaching them?’ I remember having these thoughts when I was first exposed to networking events. I’ve come to learn that you just need to put your fears aside and throw yourself into it. You’ll never reap the benefits if you don’t.
  • More me time – some may say it’s selfish, some may completely understand. Either way it’s good for the soul and gives you perspective when you need it most.
  • Exploring more of London – I’ve lived here my whole life but I’m sure I haven’t experienced the best of London yet. It’s typical that we don’t make the most of where we live and I’m sure I’ll be even more in love with my home by the end of it all.
  • Between all the coffee dates, shisha nights and impromptu dinners, I’ve shared countless laughs with my group of friends and even difficult moments that have brought us closer together. There’s nothing quite it.
  • The next Grand Prix season – duh!
  • I can’t wait to continue collaborating with bloggers I know or follow and with brands who I absolutely love. I adore sharing my creativity with people who have the same enthusiasm and can’t wait to see what flourishes from that.
    Turning 27
  • New challenges. Every year brings with it testing moments, situations that can make or break you and obstacles that take you by surprise. I live by the mantra that you’re never given anything that you cannot handle. Each challenge brings with it lessons about yourself and the environment around you. Embrace it.
  • Trying something new – It could be something huge or something very small, but this year I’m all about throwing caution to the wind (within reason) and trying new things.
  • More ‘Hip Hop and Bowl’ nights. If you know, you know.
  • Adding and completing more items on my bucket list – I only started my bucket list a couple of years ago but I’ve been amazed at how phenomenal I’ve felt when it comes to the end of the year and you realise just how much you have achieved.
  • Along with getting married, some friends are now having babies and I have to admit, although it takes me a little while to warm up to kids, I do love taking bottle-feeding responsibility. Such bliss!
  • I’ve definitely been closed off to love in the last few years but I’m slowly coming round to the idea of it again. Baby-steps.


  • Last year I attended my first protest march for the people of Palestine. It was such an overwhelming day seeing how many people were brought together by a common cause. I loved the peaceful but firm nature of this march and felt like I played a part in standing up for something that was important to me. Never shy away from this.
  • Every passing year in my twenties has taught me something new about myself. Though this isn’t a post about what I have learned, I am looking forward to what else I uncover about myself that will mould me for the foreseeable future.
  • Financial responsibility – I know. Why would someone look forward to this? It’s all part of being an adult I suppose. My single biggest purchase to date has to be my car. I’ve been managing the financial responsibility ever since. As you get older you come to learn that you can’t shy away from putting your money towards what your heart wants.
  • Be spontaneous. I’m very much the type of girl that likes to plan things to a tee. However, there have been instances where I have yelled ‘YOLO’ and gone with the flow and have actually enjoyed every, single minute of it.
  • I’m always amazed at the people I connect with simply from writing a blog post – it’s been one of my highlights since creating Habibi Lifestyle. So naturally I can’t wait to reach out to many more new readers.
    Turning 27
  • Making more memories. Whether it’s with family, friends or new faces, the best part about reflecting over an entire year is not only how far you’ve come but reminiscing with those that made it through with you.