I’ve always loved reading letters to people’s teenage selves. It’s always interesting to see what lessons and advice they would give and so I thought, why not do the same?



I’m so excited that you’re on this Journalism programme. You’re going to love it. Moving out seems like the dream but trust me, you’ll experience homesickness for the first half of your year in halls.

Also, whilst we’re on the topic of first year, dump that boyfriend. He will take up way too much of your time that you can fill with way better experiences.

There’s nothing wrong with not being a party animal. If clubbing and getting wasted doesn’t appeal to you then don’t do it. But don’t shut yourself off from having a good time. We all need a break away from those books.

Not being a huge party animal actually works out for you in the long run because the money you save by the end of your three years will come in use massively.

Remember, when you graduate you don’t automatically have a job lined up, and after living out and being independent for three years, you’ll want your own cashflow. I don’t know where you’ll learn to budget but just carry on doing exactly what you’re doing. Mum will become your personal accountant later on.

You chose this course for the study abroad opportunities, so take the semester in New Paltz. No, it’s not exactly Manhattan and yes you will intern there eventually but you will regret not going. Don’t chicken out.

If you’re worried about missing out on experiences at home don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of them. Like wandering the streets of Paris with your friend, lost at night and a little panicked, until you come across Sephora and forget about your plight.

Or realising that you’re not as brave as you think you are when face to face with a mouse… or was it a rat? Either way you and the girls will name her Christina and you will all try everything to get rid of her.

You’ll find it oddly enjoyable preparing and laying down poison for her but ultimately this won’t work. Just get the good old fashioned rat traps and glue boards. They’ll be a godsend. Invest in an infrared plugin too.

But anyway, back to uni! Make the most of visitors who come in from the industry. Take their email addresses and follow up with them. Maintain a good line of communication because come graduation, they may just be able to help you out.

Start a blog early. Get in ahead of the crowd. You’re encouraged to write daily, so why not do it online and share it with people? Establishing your blog a couple of years ahead of the boom may open up the most incredible opportunities for you.

Finally, take more of an interest in setting your career up before you graduate. We think we have all the time in the world when we start university but three years will fly by and before you know it, you’re packing up, moving home and tackling the big bad world.

So do as much prep for the future as you can. You’ve always wanted to go abroad, so why not get the leg work in place now and make that move? It may seem like a huge mountain to climb but if you managed an internship abroad with little experience then there’s no reason why a career should be out of reach.

You can do it!