Name: Safeera Sarjoo
Location: London, United Kingdom
Daily reads: My Domaine, Huffington Post & Harvard Business Review
Must-have: My morning tea
Never leave home without: Phone, purse and lipstick
Obsessed with: Stationery, bookstores and statement t-shirts
Collects: Notebooks and candles
Fave holiday destination: New York City
Loves: Traveling, poetry and the F1.



This platform was initially one for my thoughts and sometimes not-so-popular opinions where South Asian society was concerned. However the importance of inclusion, and perspective became a driving factor in expanding beyond the constraints of the community. I wanted this to be a place for everyone to visit, escape and see what it means to be a modern-day British, Indo-Guyanese Muslim.

Whether that’s through the heated and passionate topics I still discuss or the poetry I will eventually bring myself to publish, it was time for a change.

Different name, same ethos

I took pride in initially creating a blog that went beyond fashion shoots and make-up hauls. When expanding, I wanted to stay true to that ethos.

There’s just something evergreen about content that connects and provokes one to think.

Whether that’s through the trials and tribulations of real life or opinions that reflect the misrepresented, there’s something for everyone.