Autumn is officially upon us. Aside from the wet weather, I absolutely love autumn. I adore those sunny, crisp mornings, the different shades leaves turn as we head towards the end of the year and of course the transition from bright, bold summer colours to the more subtle, rich autumnal hues.

Not only do our wardrobes change but so does our make up and beauty regimes. With autumn comes deep reds, berries, browns, nudes and rich purples and despite having beautiful red lipsticks, I was lacking a warm berry shade that could easily shift from day to night.

After searching for ages, Yves Saint Laurent answered my lipstick woes with their Rouge Pur Couture collection. Shade 206, Grenat Satisfaction, is not only deep enough to achieve that dramatic look for evenings, but also the perfect daytime shade that can be taken down a few notches by simply blotting with a tissue to remove any excess colour. At £25.00, it is a steep purchase, but with YSL you know you’re getting exceptional quality – and it was also pay day so of course I made the irrational decision to spend a crapload of money!


Along with a daring berry, nudes remain relevant whatever the season. For days where you’d rather play down the lips and amp up the eyes, nude lipsticks are definitely key. The obstacle here is knowing what shade best suits Asian skin. Though I was personally drawn to nudes that had hints of pinks and peaches, it turns out these shades amplified my lips rather than help to create a natural satin finish. Nudes with a hint of brown are best suited to Asian skin that will give you all the coverage you need without looking bright and barbie-like.



YSL also offers a good option for those struggling to find that perfect nude. Also from the Rouge Pur Couture collection is shade 66 – Bois De Rose, which has a hint of brown that makes it in my opinion a very good match for Asian skin tones.

You’ll notice that the gold case doubles as a mirror and the application is smooth, effortless and leaves a medium to full coverage.

There are an abundant of brands that do similar berry shades if YSL’s simply doesn’t fit in your budget, however I’ve yet to come across a nude shade that compliments my skin tone as well as Bois de Rose. Pop in to your nearest concession and try it out for yourself!