Oh fitness, you and I have had an arduous relationship. However in 2017, as odd as it sounds, walking gave me both perspective and a perky bum.

It’s so simple, has formed most of my exercise intake in 2017 and I think after battling against the gym, I’ve found something that I enjoy.

The best walks are those I’ve done on holiday and with my Mum. When you’re abroad, every twist and turn gives you something new to absorb. The best way to avoid missing anything is to travel by foot. Wandering around Manhattan by myself, I unknowingly spent 2 hours exploring.

Back home, we have established a routine where I don’t hit snooze on my work from home day. Oh no, Mum and I set out nice and early around 7am and are back by 8am ready to start the day.

Mum has become keen to get in her 10,000 steps a day since introducing her to the health app on her phone, so sometimes I use this to my advantage and force her to wander around with me taking photos.

I cannot stress how relaxing this is. It also gives us a chance to catch up as working a 9 to 5 can leave me wanting my bed the moment I get home.

I feel like walking is such an underrated form of fitness and especially with someone it can be an energising way to start the day without leaving you drained. In addition to these hour long walks three times a week (we don’t rest on Sundays) I’ve committed to going to the gym with a buddy once or twice a week.

Not bad for someone who thinks calories don’t actually exist.

Some tips to get you walking…

Plan a route
We normally end up walking through our local park and with so many paths, it’s fun to have a wander and take in new sights. When planning your route, opt for one that has a variety of gradients to get those muscles working.

Take detours
Walking the same path over and over can get a bit boring. The amount of times I’ve made my Mum take Boomerangs of me, follow squirrels and made little detours adds to our step count and keeps it fun.

Treat yourself
One misconception with working out is the belief that you need to deprive yourself of everything you love food-wise. Well, I don’t do that. You can catch me getting my morning coffee now and again or my absolute fave: A peppermint hot chocolate!