I have been dying for a spa break and Bath was my destination for this year’s birthday. Normally I find myself jetting off abroad, but with my buddy in tow, we drove and made our way to Somerset!

Full of history, tea shops and Jane Austen references, Bath, in a nutshell, is beautiful. Every twist and turn led us up roads adorned with gorgeous Georgian buildings, consistent in its Palladian design.

From the Royal Crescent, to the Roman Baths, the main sights are all within walking distance. This made traveling by foot the best way to explore this charming city. If you love museums and nature, there are a number of these plus the botanical gardens to wander through too. Bath’s love for tea is evident with the number of tea shops and opportunities to enjoy a homely afternoon tea too.


A must see is the Thermae Spa which boasts a heated rooftop pool with naturally warm, mineral-rich water. With views across the glorious West Country, it was the perfect way to start the birthday celebrations.

The Minerva spa was located a few floors below and is actually named after the Roman goddess, whose Greek counterpart happens to be Athena.

In school I loved everything about Athena when studying Greek mythology; the fact that she stood for wisdom, craft, war and diplomacy. She was just this powerful mythical being who embodied strong traits, and growing up, I thought she was pretty cool.

When you think about it, the decision to spend my birthday in Bath seems purposeful in hindsight.

Bath; reconnecting and relaxation

Turning 29 really brings you back to down to earth. As a result, you quickly realise everything you haven’t done and forces you to either buckle down or abandon said plans. Though there was plenty to see when walking around, being free to wander around gave me that ‘me’ time I’d been craving. [If you love injecting a bit of fitness into your travels, Franki’s blog is a great way to get some inspiration!]

The good news is, I still want to embody those same traits I was in awe of all those years ago. However it’s worth remembering that wisdom, diplomacy and intelligence isn’t handed to you; it comes over time, which means embracing growth and age.


Stay tuned for a separate post on where we stayed in Bath and more about the treatments that we got on our indulgence day!