When people look back on their 20’s, most of them cite 25 as being the best year within that decade. Everyone has their own reasons but with my 26th year fully under way, it’s always good practice to reflect on the past year. Looking at both the good and bad helps to keep things in perspective but I’m not about that negativity. So instead of writing forlornly about the past year, I reckon it’s time I celebrated the 5 things I achieved at 25.

1. Passed my driving test

This was one thing on my bucket list and take it from me, nothing beats that freedom of getting into your own car and driving to wherever your heart and mother’s heart desires. I’m now my mum’s weekend chauffeur, but with all the lifts and late pick ups she’s done for me, groceries on a Saturday morning is the least I can do.

2. Got the travel bug

Another item on the bucket list was to visit two countries I’ve never been to. So of course it had to be Hong Kong in April and Gibraltar in August to visit very dear friends. Both were very different holidays, each with amazing memories and obligatory selfies. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed traveling and exploring the world. These two holidays has not only prompted a third break this year, but has set the bar relatively high when it comes to my adventures next year.


3. Expanded le blog

There does come a point where you have to take that next step with your writing and put yourself out there. It’s nerve wrecking, but totally worth it. This year was filled with more events and writing opportunities, which meant more networking and the chance to proudly show off my logo/banner, designed by the talented Farah Azam of Bespoke Henna. Farrah was just one of many people I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with. Her patience impressed me and thanks to her, I’m now armed with these bad girls at events.


4. First ever protest

This year was clearly all about seeing how far I could push myself and do things out of my comfort zone. The conflict in Gaza, despite it being ongoing, triggered something in many of us who wanted to do something to help. So what better way than to come together and protest against the brutalities Palestinians were and probably still are subjected to. Thousands turned out in the scorching heat for a common cause. The unity was undeniable and the atmosphere electric.

5. Spent 25 solo

These achievements have not just come around by determination. Spending 25 totally single and free from any romantic liaisons has helped tremendously in showing myself that I can do the unthinkable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have that support behind you in a bf/gf, but sometimes the rewards are even sweeter when you achieve them solo.