If you’re not aware, London Fashion Week took the capital by force last week. Not only were there large hanging fashion flags around Oxford Street, but Twitter was absolutely full of editors and magazines bringing you their coverage of the best shows in town.

Now if you’re sitting there quietly thinking ‘Is fashion week really that important in the grand scheme of things?‘ the answer is no… not really. Fashion Week is the fashion industry’s chance to come out and play. Just like your favorite artist going on tour. With so much happening in five days, you’re bound to see things that leave you perplexed and confused. In fact, here are four things I’m completely baffled about when it comes to the fashion world…

1. Lighten Up!

Even though it’s a surreal experience sitting at a fashion show, I’ve never understood why people are so stoney faced when attending. Yes, top designers everywhere come out with their next collection and sets trends in motion for the high street etc, but surely you should be savouring that environment instead of sternly acknowledging it. Crack a smile! Show your admiration – ain’t nothing wrong that! Fashion isn’t meant to be an emotionless industry, despite it being cut throat already. Just because Anna Wintour sits there behind sunglasses with a frown-like expression, doesn’t mean you need to as well, honey.

2. Bloggers with Bite

At a recent show, not only did I notice a plethora of cameras snapping away, but also the sound of bloggers scrutinising the same collection they would be featuring on their blog. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t know it was ‘en vogue’ to fawn over several PRs, secure a press pass which you then publicise over social media (we’ve all done it) and then go and trash talk about a designer’s collection? Even if it’s not your cup of tea, focus on what is for God’s sake. Regardless if you’re a fashion designer, writer, singer or dancer, your work is an art form and it can be so nerve wrecking to put your blood, sweat and tears on display. Bloggers who feel as though they have the same hierarchy as accomplished journalists should try and practice something most of their counterparts have. Common courtesy. Trash talking so that other people overhear you makes you look snobby, not knowledgable. *Sorry, not sorry!*

photo 2

3. Dressed to impress?

Secretly, beneath the surface of me wanting to see the good in people, is the slight inclination that some people who attend fashion shows for the greater good of their blog, go to get snapped up themselves – whether it’s by designers, the press or just other bloggers. Now hear me out, networking is an absolute must at these events, especially if you want to make a genuine mark in this industry. However, there’s a difference between representing your blog, and seeking out attention. Especially with that mismatched skirt and blouse, bright red lips, jelly shoes and that ridiculous bowler hat (my ultimate fashion peeve). Maybe I’m genuinely not suited to the fashion industry. Maybe there’s a perfectly good reason why you pair leopard print with florals, but to me nothing beats an old school approach where you let your talent and wit shine rather than your bizzare concoction of an outfit.

4. Understand the vision

One of the first things people probably do when at a fashion show is envisage themselves wearing what they’re seeing on the runway. Others may think about how this will ultimately translate to the high street. But how many of us think about the meaning beneath all that fabric? Every collection is created with a vision or a muse in mind. Whether it’s to reflect a certain era in history, or based around a particular person, credit is undoubtedly due when it comes to any designer making that vision a stunning reality.

photo 1