Spending your Tuesday evening at an award ceremony isn’t a bad idea at all.

Nestled behind the busy streets of Knightsbridge, Atout France hosted the French Travel Media Awards, where travel writers gathered to celebrate the best of France in an intimate ceremony.

Representatives from various regions in France took the time to talk to guests during a champagne networking segment about the wonders they could discover in Toulousse, Marseille and the Loire Valley to name a few.

Travel has become an absolute must for me over the last few years – even if I’m venturing outside of London for the weekend, it’s an opportunity to learn about a new place and see new sights. It’s actually quite a coincidence to be publishing this on International Women’s Day as I loved being in the company of people and female writers who have made this a career. I can’t explain how insanely inspiring this was and more important, they were all the proof I needed to see it can be done if I want it bad enough.



Learning about the different regions in France opened my eyes up to viewing the country as more than just a romantic getaway. There is culture, history and efforts to progress with the times all within France. From family run vineyards to art installations that merge the past with the future, I can guarantee you that there is something for everyone in France – you just have to know where to go.

The networking reception was followed by a delicious – French inspired – menu. Taking my halal-only requirement into consideration was so kind of Atout France (Thank you so much!)




Atout’s guestlist ranged from freelancers to editors of publications. It was a great mix of individuals all of whom have a deep rooted passion for travel writing about France

The awards encompassed areas such as ‘Best Blog’, ‘Best City Break Feature’ and ‘Best Family Break Feature’.

It’s good to see that work being done by a range of writers is being recognised. All too often writers plug away and put their heart and soul into an article or an entire niche with no pay off. Atout France have been phenomenal in celebrating the best of France – it was because of them I got see Nantes last year and also the reason why I had a deep desire to explore more of France.

So thank you again Atout France for your generosity in extending the invitation to me and you can be sure to see more French filled travels soon on the blog!