A staple feature in most South Asian fashion collections is the bold use of colour, textures and craftsmanship to bring a vision alive.

Raishma Islam is no different and has taken on an 1920s art deco Gatsby feel, with flapper style dresses and gowns and fun ornate saris for SS15. “I like to have a theme and a story running through the collection,” she explained. With a Downtown Abbey feel and a nod to flapper style suits, art deco style prints and beading, Raishma has captured the essence on this particular era without compromising on the core elements that make for stunning Asian clothing.

Raishma Collection


Raishma Collection

I love the idea of reinvention and very rarely do we see collections being transported back in time to a period that has a very distinct style. I’m always amazed at how designers fuse two very different worlds and come up with an answer that combines the best of both.

Raishma has done this seamlessly with her new SS15 collection. Having worked with the likes of Elizabeth Emmanuel, Raishma said: “It was a great learning experience for me as I learnt about couture first hand, and it increased my passion for bridal wear design.”

Her passion continued developing until it was time for her venture by herself into the competitive world of fashion. “My father thought I was taking a big risk opening my own store, but I believed in my vision and I knew that it was pioneering for that time. It’s always hard running your own business. You have to believe in yourself always which can be very hard to keep up all the time,” she explained.

Nevertheless, Raishma has overcome obstacles and now runs a successful fashion brand. Stocking kaftans, Asian suits and bridalwear, you can find a full range of outfits to suit your occasion. Whether you’re getting married, attending a wedding or fancy something casual with a hint of glam for your pending summer holidays, there is something for everyone.

More than anything, craftsmanship plays a very important part for those who are particular with their choice in clothing. With no less than 15 years of experience under her belt, Raishma has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the British fashion industry and is a fully degree-qualified designer. This kind of background gives consumers a sense of confidence knowing that they’re paying for quality garments.

I’ve never quite understood why people would want to wear items once and then never have them seen again in public. I am all for buying clothes that can be worn time and time again and that includes luxurious gowns and elegant kaftans. The beauty with Raishma’s collection is even if you wanted a one night wonder, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for her outfits time and time again.

Check out Raishma’s new collection plus much more on www.raishma.co.uk

Images: Asiana Magazine