A weekend break to Gibraltar was the holiday I needed.

Recharging your batteries needn’t take you across the world when you have unspoken wonders on your doorstep.

Holidaying with friends from university was the perfect opportunity to catch up, and reconnect, all with the stunning backdrops of San Roque and Gibraltar to keep us company.

I’ve come to realise that no matter how many times you visit a place, there’s always something new to take away. New York was a good reminder of this.


Learning to unwind

This holiday allowed me to slow down – a lesson I needed to learn. Living and working in London keeps you on your toes so much that power-walking becomes your natural pace.

I noticed a shift as I made my way along the sandy beaches and the famous towering rock of Gibraltar.

Thoughts about work, the blog, people and the tribulations that had been stressing me out stayed at bay.

I slowed down both physically in my pace and mentally in my thoughts, soaking up everything around me; The towering palm trees that shaded us from the relentless sun; colourful houses that adorned San Roque’s cobbled streets, and Sandy Bay’s golden sand that was soft to the touch.

Be warned though. As tempting as the blue waters of the Alboran Sea looks, it’s ridiculously cold. I was practically numb by the time I fully immersed myself.

Going to Gibraltar around the end of July also means you get to experience the local Feria across the border. It’s an opportunity where families and friends come out – some dressed in gorgeous flamenco outfits – and enjoy the evening festivities.

Slowing down allowed me to capture the entire weekend and marvel in sights that I don’t often get the chance to appreciate.

It also means that back home, I can also slow down and ponder over things that I’ve been ignoring lately, which may sound somewhat glum.

But it’s an important revelation – and if 30 degree weather and an inflatable unicorn doesn’t help you realise these things, nothing will.