Guess what guys?


I usually do these 20-something lists but I’m going to scrap that plan.

Let’s mix it up a little bit. Let’s have a heart to heart.

When I really take a moment to gather my thoughts over what’s happened during the last year, the one thing that comes to mind is the sheer amount of gratitude I feel.

I’m immensely grateful for not only the last year but my entire twenties, which includes the good and the bad. A little bit of adversity never hurt anyone… much.

Could getting older be a good thing?

I honestly thought I would be emotional and miserable at the thought of getting older. Truth be told I’m actually pretty excited. There’s a point where most twenty-something year olds dread getting older. Remember my quarter life crisis? Even though turning 30 can be a bit daunting, this is a really exciting time that shouldn’t be wasted on dwelling about the past.

I’m looking forward to notching up more experiences and encountering new faces along the way.

My twenties have been defined by these things and that shouldn’t stop just because I’m a year older.

I’m a firm believer in everything happening in its own time and for a reason, which is probably why I’m such a keen bean. I want to know who is going to make an impact in my life for the better, who’s going to leave, what opportunities are going to fly into the ether that I can grasp and mostly importantly- do I finally meet Lewis Hamilton this year?!

But yes, I just wanted to have a little moment with you all here. It’s what this blog is for after all.

So before asking people if they’re dreading turning a year older or how it feels to be old (I’ve had a lot of those!) ask them what’s on their bucketlist for the year ahead, what big plans they have or what are they most looking forward to.

You may just be surprised at the breadth and depth of their aspirations.