I only discovered the joys of Afternoon Tea a couple of years ago, when first taking Knightsbridge by storm and then Marble Arch much later on for Mother’s Day. The teas, the scones and the sandwiches! Full of such quaint, simple contentment.

The Strand Palace Hotel near Charing Cross Station has taken this quintessential British pastime and added an Indian twist  – completely unique, and completely halal. So of course I used this opportunity to meet up with Sara from Sara K Blog. Our first hangout, on Valentines weekend may I add, was full of laughs, real talk, love for Mulberry, not so much love for Michael Kors (oops!) and genuinely connecting as bloggers and as friends.


The most important element of any Afternoon Tea are the teas (duh!) and the Daawat Restaurant, which plays host to Strand Palace’s Afternoon Tea, boasts a number of cuppas ranging from your traditional English Breakfast Tea, to herbal infusions and of course, Indian inspired chai with spiced scents.


Rather than your traditional finger sandwiches, we were treated to an Indian palette with flavours that suited all.


Cucumber, paneer cheese and lime pickle wrap, Chicken tikka finger sandwich, Mint chutney veggie sandwich on brown bread, Vegetable samosa


Coupled with delicious cakes, tarts and those obligatory scones, we weren’t only in agreement that the food and teas were splendid, but the current landscape especially where Asian bloggers were concerned, needed a major overhaul.

It seems that everyone is a blogger these days, with only a handful really striking it big. YouTube videos and make-up tutorials aside, where are the serious writers? Where are the people who have the perfect platform to address important issues that plague entire communities or strike up dialogue about mindsets that need to change?

Emerging and established bloggers and YouTubers thinking about being internet famous and capturing thousands of subscribers based on how well you contour, don’t quite realise the influence they have on the public who consume this media.

Right now on YouTube there will be an assortment of videos telling me how best to apply my eyeliner, but concerning gender inequality and sexual violence against women, I can’t seem see any vloggers addressing this. The sad thing is, most of them are intelligent enough and more than capable to educate people on these issues.

Quite a heavy and deep conversation I’ll admit, but this is my point. If we’re not going to talk about the domino effect blogs and vlogs have on society, then who will? Do we really want people to feel that all Asians are best known for is applying make up, styling hijabs and reviewing cosmetic products? As a collective group, we are so much more than that.

At this point, another tea was sorely needed. Refill in tow, the discussions continued.

On a less serious note, it’s definitely worth getting away from the stresses of reality and unwinding with an unlimited amount of tea and some delicious nibbles. Whether you’re on a date, catching up with friends, treating your Mum or talking business, Afternoon Tea suits all.

Priced at £18.95, Daawat’s Indian Afternoon Tea is definitely worth the visit, if only to try a delightful twist on a much loved British tradition.