I am an absolute sucker for weddings so naturally I’m aware of the mammoth task of planning and ensuring your very own wedding is as close to perfection as possible. You name it, I’ve probably given it some thought; the dress, the venue, the invitations, the menu, even the table settings. Yes. I told you so.

Flowers have grown to become a staple part of weddings and a number of florists have modernised the traditional feature resulting in truly beautiful floral sculptures and essentially creating a new art form.

Karen Tran is a prime example of this. Based in Southern California, her jaw-dropping floral arrangements takes on a life of its own, injecting vivid colours and the right amount of luxury to any reception table. I love her attention to detail and the way her finished designs captures the essence of each wedding. Whether it’s a vintage glamour theme or a peacock inspired colour scheme, nothing gets in the way of Tran and her art.

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As one of America’s leading wedding designers, Karen Tran’s work speaks for itself. Her signature cascading sculptures makes for an eye-capturing centrepiece, adding an abundance of luxury to any wedding she sets her sights to. With collaborations in magazines and even a masterclass for intermediate and advance designers, Tran has expanded her reach far beyond reception halls inspiring a new generation of up and coming wedding planners.

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