I remember doing a similar post for when I turned the dreaded 25 and thought it was only right to reflect and take away nuggets of wisdom from the last 12 months. I’m hoping these will go some way in making 2014 a happier, more prosperous year all around because truth be told, 2013 sucked. A lot. 

  1. You have rights – use them
    Even when you’re facing people with money that can buy the very best, no amount places them above the law. Probably one of the most nerve-wrecking things I did last year, was learning about my rights, applying them and winning. People with a lot of money seem to forget who they were before their greed set in and as boastful as it sounds, I thoroughly enjoyed bringing them down a few pegs.
  2. Untrustworthy people may be closer than you think
    When someone who you adore and respect completely destroys your trust, there is no going back. It doesn’t matter how close they are. If they’ve done it once, they will do it again. Rather than be stuck with untrustworthy company, there’s nothing better than life ridding you of vermin that is clearly holding you back.
  3. Girls will be girls
    Some will love you. Some will hate you. Even when they have no reason to. Last year showed me that even the most pious looking women will waste no opportunity to try and drag you down to pathetic levels not even Candy Crush has heard of. Underneath it all, some of them have yet to grow up and until they do, it’s best to just leave them be in their warped worlds.
  4. Cherish those that have always been there
    It’s so easy to take loved ones, who have been there since day one, for granted. But no matter how far you tread, they’re always there waiting to catch you when you fall. Like a human net, they all knitted together, stretched out wide and made sure no harm was done to me on the way down. Best family and friends ever.
  5. There are so many people we haven’t met yet
    Last year, Habibi Lifestyle allowed me the pleasure of meeting some talented, passionate and remarkable people. Through events and exhibitions, I’ve connected with people that I never thought I would meet and I’ve enjoyed every minute of getting to know individuals who all are either following their dreams or driving change. To brush shoulders with such a group who have an unwavering hunger, definitely ended 2013 on a massive positive and has given me a much needed boost for 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!