I have been struggling with my skin lately. A very aggressive breakout along both my cheekbones has left me feeling somewhat vulnerable – a complete first for me.

Now on a long-term course of antibiotics, I’m extremely wary of the products I use.

Granted I’m not a pro at skincare, but I’ve always heard great things about L’Occitane and remembered the gift bag I purchased on my press trip to Nantes. Filled with a selection of items from their Immortelle and Shea Butter collections, I was thrilled at the prospect of continuing a relatively consistent routine that wouldn’t risk these irritating breakouts from flaring up again. Many will be familiar with the body butters and lip balms, so I’ll just focus my attention on items from the the Immortelle collection included within this set.

Precious Cream

Precious Cream

Don’t laugh, but I’m already thinking about anti-ageing products. I don’t expect botox-like results but if you are able to aid your skin to age gracefully through non-invasive means, then I am all for that. The Precious Cream aims to do just that with a triple-action formula that works to achieve smoother, firmer and protected skin. The scent isn’t heavily fragranced and the feel is rich but light. I’d be lying if I said I saw a major difference. Truth is, you’re not bound to if you have youthful skin. The purpose of anti-ageing comes into effect years later and will give you a good indication if there is some truth to the whole anti-ageing fad. If I’m still blogging in my 60’s, I’ll let you know how this pans out.


Precious Cleansing Foam


I use this every morning without fail. Prior to this, I never really indulged in anything to wake me up – a cold splash of water was as extravagant as it got. But this foam is both gentle and refreshing. I feel awake, alive and my skin looks pretty good eau natural. Though I then proceed to put light make up on, there’s nothing like bright, clean skin as a base to start with.

Precious Serum


This product was voted the ‘Best Serum’ in Harper’s Bazaar’s 2012 “Beauty Hot 100 list” and uses properties from the Immortelle flower to help repair and correct collagen fibres. This works towards reducing wrinkles and giving skin a youthful, healthy appearance. Again, I can’t comment on this effect as the real test of time is down to later life. Also, any remote effects is said to be experienced after four weeks of continuous use and I have not yet made it to that stage. I am completely in favour of what this serum is positioned to achieve and hope to see some rejuvenated collagen action.

The Verdict: All in all, L’Occitane has been good to my somewhat sensitive skin thus far. I’m pleased with how soothing yet potentially effective these particular products are. Definitely a brand and collection to keep in mind if anti-ageing is a priority for your skin.