I’ve been belligerent about representation lately, especially when it comes to beauty and cosmetics.

Nowadays when I shop for make up, I pay extra attention to marketing and the type of models used – something I never cared about. However as my make up collection has grown, so has my awareness of how the beauty industry isn’t doing enough to make certain groups, namely South Asians, feel included.

It almost felt too much to ask for; a brand with these groups and complexions in mind. That is until, Luscious Cosmetics got in touch.

Luscious Cosmetics, founded in Dubai, was created with South Asian and Middle Eastern women in mind. Not only does the brand advocate being complimentary for our skin, it’s also adapted for the humid environments found in the Middle East and Asia.

I tend to have two problem areas when it comes to make up; foundation and a true nude lipstick. Luckily for me, Luscious were able to help me out with the latter.

Which nude lipsticks suit Asian skin complexions?

Read through any list of recommended nude lipsticks and you’ll find pink. mauve and brown undertones cropping up a lot.

When you compare the shades I own – and there are a lot – there isn’t very much diversity in the type of colours I can pull off. As much as I adore those blush pink nudes, they never sit right on my lips and can sometimes leave that horrible frosty effect.

One colour I often overlooked was peach. I mostly associate the colour with corals, summer and the beach. However Luscious’s Heartbreaker lipstick in ‘Superstar’ and the Moisturising lipstick in ‘Just Peachy’ were perfection.

Rather than pop against my complexion, both colours sat so subtly adding some warmth to my skin. These colours were closer in achieving that nude effect than most of the lipsticks I currently own. It takes a little adjusting to mentally and I think part of that reason is because mainstream beauty trends always associate nude lipsticks with pinks and beige’s, which are suited to other skin complexions. When it comes to deeper tones, we still try to fit ourselves into that standardised box. What we should be doing is looking at alternative options, different palettes – this is what Luscious Cosmetics has done.

Below you’ll see how this looks on my complexion, along with some snaps of my friends to give you a true feel of how versatile these colours are.

Wearing: ‘Superstar’ and lip contour in ‘Perky’

Wearing: ‘Just Peachy’

Don’t shy away from rich reds either

I was having a moment with bright lipsticks a while ago, but after one of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit’s made me look like Krusty the Clown, I questioned whether I could pull bright colours off.

I have a bad habit of buying colours that look good on caucasian skin, but not my own. Plus, the Krusty incident put a stop to me purchasing wild colours.

Another observation I made was that our answer to a pop of colour usually resembles maroon and dark berry shades.

Luscious is great at encouraging us to push the boundary a little. Look on their website and you’ll notice a number of bright shades. Although they slightly differ, this gives people the chance to find that perfect pink or regal red. Below, I’m trying out their lip contour in the shade “Queen Bee”, topped with their matte lipstick in “Casanova.”

I love how different this combo looks on myself and Hasina below, once again showing how complimentary these shades are.