Events like The Cake and Bake Show is every sweet tooth’s dream. Arriving at Earls Court right on time for a 10am open, crowds of people were already gathering for a show that would both teach and tempt the strongest of willpowers. Perusing around the spacious venue, stalls lined every twist and turn with both savoury and sweet bakes.

The three day event, which started on Friday 3rd October featured an abundance of special guests, activities and exhibitors for baking enthusiasts. The Cake Kitchen featured favourite chefs such as Phil Vickery, Paul A Young, Rachel Khoo and Lisa Faulkner preparing a variety of bakes, whilst The Bakery featured even more chefs waiting to dazzle with even more bakes including breads, cakes and pies. The Competition Theatre featured fierce baking finesse as the previous winners of the Great British Bake Off took to the stage to compete in a series of challenges.

Along with watching their favourite chefs and snapping up some new recipes, visitors were also given the chance to cook along in one of many Classroom sessions throughout the weekend. Thirty-minute classes included cake sculpting, bread-making and a chocolate masterclass. Held across three Classrooms, there were plenty of opportunities to get involved and develop a new skill.

The entire vibe of the event was one of pleasance and cheerfulness with the common factor being our love for baking. Walking around the busy floor, I came across some absolutely amazing businesses who were not only happy to talk about their origins but offer tasty samples that were worth every, single penny. Below are a few delightful brands that really stood out.

Meringue Girls

The first thing I noticed when walking up to the Meringue Girls counter was the sheer colour! Their bright pink neon sign naturally drew the girly girl in me towards them and soon I was chomping down on some seriously delicious meringues. Don’t shoot me – I’ve never been a huge meringue fan, but after nibbling on a bag full which consisted of hints of coconut and raspberry I’m totally sold on meringues. Meringue girls don’t only just sell meringues, they also use their expertise to create some seriously stunning showstoppers.


The Brownie Bar

Brownies are my weakness. Luckily I have strong willpower so I manage to refrain from indulging in them every single day. On this occasion however, I refused to listen to the little voice in my head and I dived headfirst into the Brownie Bar and tried a malteaser brownie, which was a mix of chocolate brownie and crushed maltesers, drizzled with white chocolate. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest and had absolutely no regrets either. The Brownie Bar offers a mouth-watering range which includes incredible flavours such as oreo, peanut butter and salted caramel. Who knew heaven could exist in a brownie?


Popcorn Kitchen

Popcorn is all the rage at the moment. People in the office opt for these popped delights instead of a heavier sweet treat. I’m very much a popcorn person so I was delighted and intrigued by Popcorn Kitchen. Offering popcorn in a variety of flavours, the samples were a massively welcomed change from the everyday popcorn you buy that lacks that intensity in every bite. Unlike other popcorn makers, Popcorn Kitchen charges you for a full bag of popcorn – not half a bag of air. Packets are actually filled up and they have also created some smart and creative packaging, which makes for the perfect Christmas and/or Secret Santa gift!


L’orchidee Boutique

Like many others, my love for red velvet hasn’t waned one bit, especially as there are new and creative ways in which people are incorporating that indulgent red velvet flavour. I’ve had a red velvet milkshake, but now I’m in love with red velvet macaroons. L’orchidee creates these gorgeously decadent macaroons what are simply melt in your mouth. Also specializing in patisserie-style desserts, L’orchidee is a combination of passionate baking and high quality desserts.



(Image courtesy of L’orchidee)