I’m back from a whirlwind visit to Switzerland – my first visit to the land of crisp waters, the alps, watches and of course, chocolate!

A family friend’s wedding took us to Lausanne, which I found to be such a beautiful city. As we touched down in Geneva, getting to Lausanne was quick and easy. The airport is well connected and so you can buy train tickets to various locations around Switzerland. Trains not only serve Lausanne, but also other notable cities like Bern and Zurich.

Tickets in tow, a quick train journey to Lausanne and a less than 10 minute cab ride, we were at our hotel for the next 72 hours – Hotel D’Angleterre. The hotel itself is a good representation of what you should expect when visiting Lausanne. Sophisticated with a homely feel and warm hospitality.

We were upgraded upon our arrival, which gave us more space to shuffle around when getting ready for the big event!





There were boat tours right next to our hotel which takes you over to France and the French city of Evian-les-Bains – yes, that’s where the water comes from! Travelling around Lausanne itself was pretty easy. A shuttle train that starts from Ouchy, where we were located takes you further around Lausanne where you can peruse shops and sightsee.

One thing I also noticed about Lausanne was the sheer amount of restaurants. It’s definitely a food lover’s heaven with eateries lining the streets. We dined at L’Accademia where the ambiance and food satisfied our hunger pangs. However it was the wedding dinner at the Beau Rivage Hotel that really tantalised my tastebuds!




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Whilst Mum and Dad embraced their inner tourists, I took a walk down to the shores of Lake Geneva alone and was mesmerised at how peaceful it all was. Despite it being overcast, the sights were gorgeous. Clouds floated in front mountain ranges, boats made their way to and from Evian-Les-Bains and the overall atmosphere was one of tranquility. It sounds weird but I’ve come to love the sound of gentle waves colliding with rocks. For me it’s massively relaxing. Paired with the scent of that fresh, crisp air, I could have stayed there for hours with other locals and tourists who all seemed to be in a state of calm.




Would I return? Absolutely. I’m keen to see how spending 72 hours fully exploring and absorbing this little piece of tranquility will pan out. Sure Switzerland will cost you a pretty penny but we all need a little dose of luxury now and again, right?