career strategy planning

As a blogger, you are your own boss. You’re able to carve out the career you want by choosing the content you put up and the projects you want to associate yourself with.

There isn’t a manual when it comes to issues like outgrowing your current offering and how to best oversee a rebrand. But despite it all, this is exactly what I did in 2017 after going back and forth on whether this was the right thing to do.

Rebranding isn’t easy. Changing the name of your blog, expanding your content offering, it’s a huge feat and one I was glad to see through last year. In doing this I’ve built on my existing knowledge on things like SEO, analytics and social media. The one thing that bothered me time and time again was whether I was neglecting the audience I had gained. It felt like abandoning a child after building a connection and nurturing them.

I noticed that people outside of the South Asian/Indo community began to develop an interest in the subjects that plague us the most – subjects I touched on. They wanted to know more about male preference and why getting married in your 30’s was such a bad thing.

The decision to rebrand also gave me a chance to spread my wings and showcase more of my work. I’m now able to incorporate my writing on sustainability, technology, education, women’s issues and more creative entries.

When you think of ‘career’ accomplishments, it’s easy to attribute this to your full time job. Maybe you got a hike in your pay or a promotion. But the idea of a career is subjective and what you feel drives you and gives you a sense of professional satisfaction – my blog does that.

So, in short, my biggest career accomplishment has nothing to do with my 9 – 5, but rather my passion project.

Why passion projects count as a career

A lot of people are quick to write off any passion projects as just a hobby or a time pass. In their eyes, if you’re not making money, then it’s not a career. Maybe it’s the creative in me, but for writers and journalists, it’s about building your profile and expanding your reach. This will then open doors for opportunities that can become paid gigs. So while the short term may not result in big bucks, laying down the ground work for the future can have massive payoffs.

Another huge achievement was launching workshops for the Women’s Writes Network. Together with my friends, we held a handful of workshops in 2017 to encourage women of colour to get writing and gave them some tools to get started. The idea was so well received that we even had a few appearances on radio to talk about the project. Overwhelmed by the response, we cannot wait to get planning for 2018.

What does it take to rebrand a blog?

  1. Patience – It doesn’t and won’t happen over the course of days. I spent months going back and forth on really simple choices, to ensure I got everything right the first time round.
  2. Prepare for tweaks – Even when you think you’ve nailed your rebrand, you will find little things that need amending. It’s part of the process, so don’t beat yourself up if you do find little glitches.
  3. Keeping people in the know – This is something I probably could have done better through a mail out of some sort, but people will want to be informed of major changes like a rebrand. Take the time to explain the reason behind it and share your progress. It makes readers and followers feel as though they’re part of the process.