Side note: I’ve been soooo sick over the last week and generally feeling sorry for myself which is why this blog is kind of late. I was thinking of taking photos of myself but my face is in no fit state to be photographed. So swatches of the make up below will have to do!

In recent years I’ve become a bit more interested in make up and learning the tricks of the trade. From using eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows, to putting tape on my face in order to achieve that fierce winged liner, I’m definitely improving and venturing out of my comfort zone.

Admittedly I do turn to the odd beauty blogger or two for inspiration. My personal favourite is Irene Khan. I love her make up tutorials as well as her travels. Mostly because her videos are always so beautifully captured and well edited.

The only drawback to my admiration is that some of the products she uses are US based, making it difficult to get my hands on them here. So when both my Mum and Dad visited New York recently, I couldn’t let them come back empty handed. List in tow, they definitely didn’t disappoint!

Colorpop’s Matte Finish Lipgloss¬†

I watched one of Irene’s videos where she tested a bunch of shades suited to South Asian complexions. It’s definitely a mission to find that perfect shade but Colorpop had a number of options that I was keen to try.


In the end, I opted for Tulle, Stingraye and Teeny Tiny. At first glance, they all seem very similar in colour, but upon applying them, you could differentiate between the shades.


I wasn’t expecting Teeny Tiny to be quite so dark and definitely think less is more with this shade. Definitely a shade I would wear during autumn or when I’m looking to draw attention to the lips. I do like the brown undertone that comes through with this shade but will probably wear this sparingly.

Stingraye is the one that complimented my complexion the most and the shade you could wear on a day to day basis. It contains the right amount of brown and pink, making it a good ‘nude’ for my skin tone.

Although Tulle contains those brown undertones that suits south Asian complexions, it still pops quite a bit with a hint of red. Like Teeny Tiny, this too is a shade where less is definitely more but you could also get away with wearing every day as it’s not as intense as other reds – think MAC’s Ruby Woo.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour and Matte Finish lip gloss

I’ve dabbled with contour before but never owned a proper contour kit. I opted to jump straight in with a classic item that has been featured on a number of YouTube tutorials.

Though Anastasia Beverly Hills offers different kits to suit darker skin tones, I wanted colours that would leave a subtle result. As I’m not 100% confident in heavy contouring as well, I thought the original palette would be ideal as I get started with my contour journey. The darker tones seemed a bit too intense for a complete beginner.



The darker shades in the original palette have worked well with my skin tone and can easily be built up if I choose to define those cheekbones even more. I LOVE the banana highlighter. It works well with my complexion and doesn’t leave my face looking pale, which was one concern I had.

As for the matte finish lip gloss, I was lost for words at how bold this pink was. The trick here is lip liner. Apply a deeper shade all over your lips and dab some of the Pure Hollywood gloss over that and blend. What you’ll get is a soft pink effect that works well as another everyday nude and an understated one especially if you’re playing up those eyes.
I’ve clearly got a lot of new additions to experiment with and while you won’t see me turning into a beauty vlogger any time soon, let me know if there are any other everyday nude lip shades that work for you.