If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s eyeliner that smudges. So wanting to try something new, I found myself in my go to make-up store, KIKO Cosmetics and purchased their Lasting Gel Eyeliner. Now, I’ve heard about these type of liners and seen countless YouTube tutorials about their application and the different type of wings you can create with a bit of brush control. However, I’ve never really seen much in terms of reviews of the actual product.

Up for a make up challenge, I went home happy with my purchase, which included the EYES 209 brush.




Using my current pen liner as a guide for the first application, the gel had a thick, creamy texture, leading me to believe that it would take some time to dry. However once applied, drying time was less than 30 seconds, leaving a deep, jet black shade. If you’re not familiar with applying eyeliner using a brush, then the first couple of applications will be a little tricky. My advice is to practice as much as you can, and use another eyeliner as a guide to help you if need be.

What I love about this purchase is the way KIKO’s gel liner simply doesn’t budge. Panic usually sets in when I realise that I may have smudged a perfectly lined eye, but I was shocked to see that this gel liner was still intact despite the odd accidental itch. The colour is just as intense as it looks and the fine brush allows you to be as precise as you want.

When removing this eyeliner, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the easiest of liners to clean off. Using a good eye make up remover should do the trick, especially if it’s oil based. I tend to stick to my usual skincare routine using Liz Earle’s Cleanse and polish. Gently massaging the cream into my eyelids and then using the muslin cloth in warm water to wipe away the gel liner usually does the trick. You may need to go over the eye area a few times in order to remove completely, so be gentle and use a soft, eye-friendly material.

To ensure all residue is completely removed, I recommend using Liz Earle’s Eyebright soothing eye lotion afterwards.

The verdict?

I’m so glad I went with my gut and purchased KIKO’s gel eyeliner. Despite being told that it’s easier to use a pen liner, I don’t think you get the same finish and staying power. Also, there comes a point when the colour intensity of a pen liner will begin to fade, but you’re guaranteed a deep and dark application every time when you use KIKO’s gel liner. At £8.90 you’re hardly breaking the bank. The KIKO EYES 209 brush retails for £10.90. A very inexpensive purchase, which when paired together can have stunning results.

Try it for yourself.