Skincare. We all have our regimes. We all have our miracle products. Like all the good things in my life, my routine was bestowed – more like forced – on me by my mother. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t pay much attention to the way I take care of my skin and would probably look a not-so-hot 10 years older.

In this two-part review I’ll be reviewing the delightful Liz Earle and the miracle skincare products I use to try and achieve radiant skin. (It’s a work in progress… bear with me!)

Liz Earle’s daily essentials not only removes every trace of make up after a long, tiring day, it is the only brand I’ve used that has genuinely left my skin feeling refreshed.

The Cleanse and Polish is a two-phase treatment that takes absolutely no time whatsoever. With its creamy texture and plant-based ingredients, even stubborn mascara is swiftly removed. It literally feels like you’re applying a smooth and luxurious cream. Suitable for all skin types, ingredients include beeswax, eucalyptus essential oil, chamomile essential oil and cocoa butter. These elements give the Cleanse and Polish a light scent and can be used both morning and evening. With an effective hand pump, you can easily control how much or little you want to use.


Accompanied with a muslin cloth, you simply dampen it under warm water and wipe away the cleanser. This is where the product really comes into its own as it’s the muslin cloth which buffs away those dead skin cells, make up residue and leaves you with a gorgeously smooth and clean face!

As tempting as it is to grab make up wipes, I’ve found that they really don’t compare when what your skin needs is a deep clean without aggressively scrubbing.

If you’re like me in the evenings when all I want is my bed, then the instant boost skin tonic brings that whole regime full circle and is the secret weapon in my opinion, which leaves you feeling completely refreshed. Working perfectly hand in hand with the Cleanse and Polish, I adore the scent of this floral tonic and sometimes find myself spending a tad too long wiping my face with this!

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Decisions regarding skincare is always tricky, especially if you have certain skin type. Liz Earle definitely caters to the entire spectrum and clearly states when a product is not suitable for sensitive skin – saving you the repercussions which can be extremely unpleasant. Prices for both products start at £13.25 on the Liz Earle website, but if you’re an avid QVC fan, you may be able to snap up a deal or two.

Next time I’ll be having a look at the exfoliators and masks and maybe, just maybe, taking you through my weekend regime with pictures. Brace yourself.

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