A crisp Friday evening where the work week is officially over and the chaos begins as everyone eagerly makes their way across London, anticipating the weekend ahead. Some heading home, others out with friends.

Instead of heading home where it’s cosy and warm, I’ve decided to detour and seek out a new retreat that doesn’t come with any distractions, allowing me to give my full attention to my beloved blog. No, before you raise your eyebrows and wonder, “What’s Safeera doing at a champagne bar?!”, calm down and read on…


Comfortably occupying the first floor of St Pancras Station, Searcy’s is a stylish champagne bar with accommodating staff, plenty of space and a spoilt for choice menu when it comes to choosing the perfect glass of bubbly.

Away from the hectic Friday evening crowds below, I’ve nestled myself into a comfy seat, Elderflower Presse my drink of choice. Sweet, sparkling and in my opinion a fabulous replacement for champagne. See, you don’t need to necessarily have champagne. The non-alcoholic drinks are limited, but considering this is a champagne bar, you can tell thought has gone into the alternative drinks on offer.

photo 1

Food and beverages are what you would expect to be priced, in what I deem, the heart of St. Pancras. Placed outside the actual restaurant, you don’t feel like you’re missing anything with a selection of edibles that ranges from seafood to sandwiches to a cheese platter. I was told however, that the restaurant is something to behold, so watch this space!

What I loved most about this place is it isn’t a social venue for the pretentious. Whether you’re waiting for a train to whisk you out of London, or simply meeting friends for the night ahead, Searcy’s is the ideal spot and caters for all. (You know this is true when a party of 1 turns up wanting to just sit there and write a blog!)

The odd Eurostar pulling up on the platform behind you adds a lovely touch, almost tempting you to throw caution to the wind and escape the crazy busy city for a few days. If you’re more level headed than me, then the decor, the vibe and the charm of this bar is enough to satisfy the need to leave reality behind for a few hours.

Cover photo by: Plodicus via Flickr