Last Sunday, the organisers at Saverah hosted their first Women’s Expo filled with engaging seminars, fashion shows and a shopping bazaar.

The purpose of this event was to inspire and empower women in business. By bringing a range of indepedent companies together not only allowed exhibitors to network but them an opportunity to show support to their peers.

Held near Canary Wharf, the ice cool breeze didn’t deter approximately 2,000 visitors descending to Westferry Road for the one day event. Girls came armed with spending money, fully charged cameras to capture the very best from the fashion shows, and a lending ear when it came to the seminars, which ran throughout the day.

Rather than feature uber luxurious brands, Saverah decided to stick by its objectives and feature independent businesses, which are mainly run online. These included fashion, beauty, confectionery, fitness and home goods.   Notebooks and frames were adorned with elegant henna designs and abayas came with edgy touches like leather panels or a lace overlay outline. The array of styles for special prices nearly had me whipping out my purse.

The highlight of the day for me had to be hosting the final seminar with an incredible panel. Nadia Ali from the BBC Asian Network, Youtubers Saima Chowdhury and NabiilaBee and Apprentice contestant and business owner Nurun Ahmed was my dream team. If that isn’t a line up for inspiration, then I don’t know what is.   Speaking about marketing a business and utilising social media across various sectors, the audience were treated to opinions across the board. Radio, online ventures and even entertainment were all touched upon and hopefully if one person is inspired to start their own business, blog or YouTube channel, then I would deem the seminar a success.

The Q&A element allowed people to interact with the panel, asking them questions about their choices, careers and how to navigate through difficult times. Though these ladies may have faced setbacks in their professional journeys, they were full of good advice for tackling negativity on social media, on how to balance work with everyday life and much more.

You could feel the solidarity as we bonded over similar beliefs and ideals. I for one was so glad I had the opportunity to share the floor with women who are advocates for female empowerment and understand that though we each bring our own share of depth and drive, we’re even stronger together.