How many times have you seen adverts, articles, popular culture and social posts telling you to love yourself? There are constant reminders around us.

However when it comes to spreading that love to other women there’s a distinct lack of campaigns surrounding the idea of building each other up. This is where Lilly Singh comes in.

Also known as IISuperwomanII on YouTube, Lilly recently launched the #GirlLove campaign focusing on eradicating girl on girl hate. Whether it’s at school, online, in the home or at work, Lilly wants viewers to get rid of the notion that you need to tear someone down in order to build yourself up. Have a look at the video below:

Revenue from this video as mentioned will be donated to the Malala Fund which is a wonderful cause.

If you sit and think about it, girl on girl hate actually starts at a really young age.

At school, friendships are formed but so are cliques. The beginnings of girl on girl hate start in the smallest ways and eventually evolves as we grow up and enter adulthood. For example, instead of admiring a fellow classmate who shows academic promise, some girls choose to put them down and resort to name calling. ‘Nerds’, ‘geeks’ and ‘bods’ (remember that one?) are all terms that kids feel negatively towards when in actual fact, their intelligence is invaluable.

What’s shocking is how easy girl on girl hate manifests and transcends into different stages of our lives. At work it could develop between colleagues in competition with one another, or senior females who feel threatened by their subordinates. Online is another area where cyberbullying can get really intense and even result in suicide attempts. No area is off limits.

The #GirlLove campaign is essentially a beacon of positivity as it encourages us to compliment another female. Yes, it’s easy to feed those negative feelings and emotions, but it’s even easier to pay a sincere compliment. Don’t believe me, well read on…

After watching the video above, I was inspired to take a moment and pay my compliments to a few ladies who I think are doing pretty phenomenal things at the moment…

  • Lilly Singh, for actually starting this movement. It’s so simple in its objective and gives back to education which is something I’ve become really passionate about. Though I haven’t met her, you can see she works hard. Her work ethic is ridiculously inspiring.
  • The Migreat South Asian blogger network that was formed for the BBC’s 100 Women debate. The group, organised by Priya Changela, consisted of Aina Khan, Chayya Syal, Hasina Dabasia, Ruchi Hajela and Sara Khan. I couldn’t just pick one of you. Each are incredibly talented in what they do and are so down to earth. There’s no ego or superiority based on what they have achieved. Plus after one project, we’ve formed such a great bond.
  • Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone for very different reasons. Priyanka Chopa has become the first South Asian actress to win a People’s Choice Award which is just insanely awesome. Deepika has been brutally honest about her struggle with depression which in Asian culture is extremely taboo. It takes so much guts to not only address the fact that you are suffering in the first place, but to then go on to publicly voice it. She is now working to help others who may be suffering in silence.

Which female do you admire and why? Share your dose of #GirlLove!