As the weather slowly heats up and we finally start to introduce sandals and short sleeves to our daily wardrobe – when it’s not pouring down with random rain – you’ll come to find that wedding season is upon us. It does seem over the last couple of years that so many people have decided to take the plunge and get engaged, and inevitably with their big day approaching I’ve been on the hunt for some wedding appropriate outfits.

Don’t be fooled though. It’s not all rainbow and candy from a guest’s perspective. Sure, there’s nothing like a good wedding to brighten up your social calendar, however there are looming obstacles we have to mentally prepare ourselves for every time we RSVP. Read on and see if you can relate.

Love: Getting dressed up

There’s a certain type of effort that goes in to getting ready for a wedding compared to a night out. You’re even more precise with your hair and make up and paired with a dazzling dress, it can sometimes feel like you’re getting ready for prom or a ball. Though I dislike shopping for an actual outfit, I do love make up and have a lot of fun putting together my face for the night ahead.

Hate: The painful heels

As someone who hates wearing heels, this is the one thing that I truly dread when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. You want to ensure that your feet are comfortable but it’s impossible in six inch heels. For those that are comfortable in high heels, I’m so glad someone is, but guaranteed you will see me hobbling around or dancing near my table so I can take a breather when the foot cramps kick in.

Love: Seeing old faces

Chances are you will bump into old friends and even family that you’ve not seen in a while and it’s great to catch up over dinner, take a breather from the dance floor and reacquaint yourself. I admittedly do love this aspect of weddings, BBQs, parties etc because truth is it’s hard to keep in touch with everyone and sometimes it takes a special occasion to bring us all together.

Hate: Being quizzed about your status

The only downside to catching up with old faces is having to face the onslaught of questions about when you’re getting married, which can be irritating particularly if you’re single. Before, I use to be very polite about it, laugh it off and say ‘oh I don’t know.’ Now, I’m at that stage where I’m more than happy to burst bubbles and tell people it’s none of their business and how I actually enjoy being my number one priority, which isn’t really a lie.

Love: Sharing the couple’s vision

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to inject some of your personality. Whether that’s through the menu, the decor or the overall theme, it’s always interesting to see, share and revel in this vision both the bride and groom have had since they started planning. You end up learning heaps about a couple in this kind of instance too. For me, it’s probably the best part about any wedding.

Hate: Being forced to catch the bouquet 

Speaking from experience, there is nothing worst than being dragged in front of other guests alongside other single girls for the dreaded throwing of the bouquet. Not only was I in my early teens when I first experienced this, (why would you ask a 15 year old to catch a bouquet… why??) but it was just weird seeing the look of determination in these girls who truly believed they would be the next in line to get married. You want the bouquet so bad, take it! Pssshh, I am NOT getting in the way of that!

Love: Seeing how happy the couple are

Obviously the reason you attend a wedding is to rejoice in the union of two people you love and care for. There is nothing better than being part of their special day that marks a new chapter in their lives. Even though there can be some drawbacks to wedding season that truly grinds my gears, the loves far outweigh the hates.